Saturday, August 23, 2008

Girls, Girls, and another Girl? or Boy?

Julie and Alyson are best buddies. They laugh, giggle, and play so well. Of course, they are sibblings so there is the occasional squeals and squabbles. But, most of all they are best friends.
July 24, Alyson, (at 14 1/2 mo.) officially began to walk! And really all it took was putting a pair of shoes on her feet. She took off like it was the best thing she's ever done! Now that she is an old pro at it she likes to walk bare-footed. Alyson is much more independant now that she's walking, but is still my baby and loves to be close and held.
These are just a few snapshots I took of the girls the other day outside. Julie had a blast pushing Alyson in the babydoll stroller.. Alyson thought it was great! Julie was like a little mother to her (as you can see in the pictures).
Also, the pictures of Julie and the Lincoln Log cabin is a kit that my dad made for her. Julie loves building and stacking blocks, so it is right up her alley to put the cabin together with her daddy.

Okay, so some may be wondering what the title of this post means... "another girl or boy?"
Yep! Julie and Alyson are going to be big sisters! #3 is on the way and due to arrive March 13. Alyson will be 22 months, which I hear is a good distance apart. We'll have our hands full, I'm sure! It was a surprise, not a shock...or what I like to say, "God-planned"! We knew we eventually would like to have a 3rd. Wasn't sure when, but God did! Brandon would love to have a boy someday. So, we'll see. We are so geared for girls, so either way would be a blessing! Julie is very excited. Of course, Alyson doesn't understand what's going on yet. But, with Julie starting school next Fall it will be fun to have a little play mate for Alyson.
So, please keep us in your prayers. We are praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby, and also for parental guidance and wisdom in raising our children.
I have felt great... have had a few weeks of nausia, but seems to be alot better now. I'm almost at week 12.. We will get to hear the heartbeat (Lord willing) at my next appointment this week. The morning we found out we were pregnant with Julie almost 5 years ago Brandon pulled out the bible. I think we were both searching for some comfort and direction at the time since we were totally not planning to have a baby yet. He read in Psalm 127 where it says, "...children are a gift from the Lord..." We feel so blessed to have our children and He was right. They truly are a gift. They bring so much joy and laughter into our home. Of course, God teaches us hard lessons through our children and it's not always easy or fun being a parent. But, most of all they are a real blessing from Him.