Tuesday, September 30, 2008



Last Thursday Brandon, Julie and I went to the Loving Choices Pregnancy Center in Fayetteville where they were doing free ultrasounds on moms between weeks 7 and 20. Last Thurs I was exactly 16 weeks, so we were hopefull that the nurse would get a shot of what the gender was. And before she even said anything Brandon and I immedietely noticed something on the screen that we didn't see the first two ultrasounds with our girls! The nurse, soon after, said, "Well... I think I know what the gender is!" Brandon, especially, was all smiles. He was SO hopefull for a boy this time. Like most dads, he has dreams of having a little buddy around to play sports and go hunting with. I am excited, too. I love my little girls and wouldn't trade them for the world.. but having a little boy around will be lots of fun, too (we'll be busy!) .

So, I guess I'm going to have to learn how to play toy cars, make mud pies and catch bugs! Two days before we found out the gender I saw this bright green grasshopper on our flowers on the back porch. I thought.. how fun would it be to paint the baby's room green and accent with burnt orange.. if it's a boy. So who knows what we'll end up doing in there. But it's fun either way to experience the privilege of having a boy!

Alyson, like her big sister, LOVES books. She has made a ritual every night to get up in the chair with her daddy and look at books. She is learning so many new words and recognizing many pictures. It is fun to watch little ones learn and discover new things in the world around them!

Alyson and Julie with their cousins, Cody and Cambry. They just live right down the road, so it is always a treat to have them over to play!

Even if this baby had been another girl, I really don't think Brandon would mind. He loves his girls. Who says girls can't watch and cheer on the football team, too!??

Julie is proud of her new tricycle. Her Papa (my dad) got it for her a few months back and she is so proud of it. It is a metalic pink and silver Schwinn. It reminds me of the antique, retro style. It had been at my parents house for her to ride over there, but recently brought it over here to ride. When we went on a walk the other night ( a rather long walk on the golf cart trail) she rode it the whole way and when we passed a couple that was walking she told them with such pride, "My Papa got this tricycle for me!!) It was so cute.

Last Friday Julie rode in the 'Trike-a-thon' at the Kid's Day Program at our church. She rode her new trike and had lots of fun!

Julie and her friends, Caitlyn and Kadyn.

At Connection Group Sunday night the girls and Mya went out to swing. The evenings are so nice these days to get out and play!
Mya Negley...


Alyson and Uunt Rachel...

Me and Aly Kate!

Kellye and LJ Hamblen... he is such a sweet baby boy!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ballerina Parties to another year of Squaredance Memories!

One of Julie's good buddies from church, Kadyn Hester, just turned 4 and had a ballerina birthday party. Kendra, Kadyn's mom, was so clever and made each of the little girls a bright pink tutu.. they were adorable! The girls made beaded hair pieces, had a ballet performance, and ate yummy ballerina cake and ice cream. Little girls are precious!

Julie's 1st proposal (Asher, Kadyn's brother, asked Julie if she wanted a ring... Wow, Asher.. that's a big rock!)

Alyson even wore her tutu and had a blast. She thought she was one of the big girls, too!

Happy Birthday, Kadyn!

Another year in the Clothesline Fair Parade! This year Zander Wilson was Julie's squaredance partner. They did really well this year!

Julie and Zander
Julie's friend, Lexi

Thursday, September 11, 2008

(more squaredance pictures..)

Circle to the left...

Swing and twirl!

Take a bow!

Julie and I Labor Day weekend..

Every night before I go to bed I run upstairs to check on the girls. One night last week when I went into Julie's room this is how I found her! Her lamp was on and she had fallen asleep in the middle of turning the page in a book. Bless her heart. She loves books, and I guess that night she couldn't go to sleep so she had to read for a while!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Wedding of Wyatt & Libby Wagner

Last weekend Brandon, Julie and I had the opportunity to be in the wedding for Libby Sargent and Wyatt Wagner. Libby and I have been friends for quite some time now and after dating her sole mate for 5 years they finally tied the knot!
The three of us drove to Owasso, OK (near Tulsa) last Friday for the rehearsal and stayed overnight in a hotel with many other out-of-towners for the wedding. Saturday, being that the wedding wasn't until 6:00, we got to enjoy a relaxing morning with Julie. We had origionally planned to take her to the Tulsa zoo, but instead she chose to go and have a sit down breakfast with mommy and daddy. She said we could go to the zoo next time. (With our time frame we didn't have time to go to Ihop and the zoo, both.) At first I was a little dissapointed being that I've never been to the Tulsa zoo and that would have been fun! But, I think after all I had more fun getting to spend a little more relaxing, quality time with Julie and Brandon. She told us several times, "I love spending time with just you and daddy." She also said she wished we could live in a hotel.. I guess with the room we were in we actually could because of the full kitchette, but I'm sure it would get a little tight after some time!
Saturday my mom and dad drove up with Alyson for the wedding. It was good to see her again and get a few formal family picts. Thanks mom and dad for taking care of her while we were gone! Also, to Rachel and Rusty for coming. Rachel fixed mine and Julie's hair for the wedding as well as two other bridesmaids. (You can tell who Rachel did because we all have the 'poof'!) Also, she took charge of my camera for me during the wedding. Thanks, girl!

Here are just a few (ok, several..) pictures from last weekend.

In loving memory, Kiley Martens.
Libby had made small picture frames with a picture of Kiley in them for us three girls to tie around our boquets. It was very meaningful and a special keepsake.

Libby had the cutest bride shoes.. They were the colors she used in the wedding.. pink and black!

Friends Forever! Mandy, Libby Lou and Steph

"Daddy, please!!!! Can I have some cake now!????!"

Libby and Wyatt are both airline pilots. So they had a cake topper with a bride and groom flying in an airplane! There was an airplane theme to the whole wedding. The guest favors were little boxes with chocolate and peanut butter shaped airplanes. The punch had airplane-shaped ice rings in it. And instead of throwing birdseed or blowing bubbles, the guests threw little airplanes at them (see picture below). It was so cute!

Thanks, Mrs. Betty (Libby's momma) for making Julie's flowergirl dress! She loved it and had so much fun being the flower girl.

Libby had a fun idea. After the ceremony, she had the bridesmaids switch our ivory satin ribbon around our waists to a fun ribbon with polka dots! Also, we switched from elegant 'diamonds' and pearls to a fun, pink beaded necklace and earrings for the reception.

( 3 airplanes coming at Libby's head while Wyatt is hiding behind her! )

Congrats, you two. You had a beautiful wedding... hope you had fun in Cozumel, Mexico!